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Digital media spearheads the industry to reach audience engagement

Broadcasting media has been around for many years interacting and engaging with audiences. In this digital age, digital media gains more traction to attract audiences, especially the younger generations.

Broadcast media is a way to deliver information and messages in the form of text, image, audio, and video content over networks that expose mass audiences to cultural, artistic, political, and advertising topics in society. In advertising, broadcast media can give a company a competitive edge over other businesses because it increases consumer’s engagement and creates immediate impact. The digitalization has led to the internet as the preferred  source of media and information. However, traditional media channels, such as television and radio, will continue to provide great reach to audiences. While digital media by itself has gained traction over consumers, digital media can also be utilized as a supplement to traditional broadcasting methods. For example, televisions programs and radio shows incorporate social media as their strategy to reach out even more audience and create customer loyalty.

Television Broadcasting

Television broadcaster is a telecommunications network for distribution of television program content. In general, television network channels are available in radio frequency, cable, and satellite television. A network may or may not produce all of its own programming and can outsource to production companies (such as Warner Bros, Universal, Sony Pictures, and TriStar). Three main factors that drive demands are consumer demographics, program popularity, and advertising spending. Global TV revenues from broadcast advertising, subscriptions, and public funding are estimated to be about $230 billion. The United States has the highest TV revenue per capita, followed by Germany and the UK. The television broadcasting industry is disrupted by the incoming trend of internet TV or web-content generated media. 

Radio Broadcasting

Radio was used in the past as one of the main broadcasting channels for audiences. Nowadays, radio is a minor player among broadcast media channels. Nevertheless, radio still has a relevance in today's society with its local or regional reach to audiences. Radio ads have the advantage of being easier to produce and quicker turnaround. Public relations and local-targeted advertisements use radio to broadcast their messages because it is less expensive, reaches community engagement, and targets local audiences.

Social Media

Phenomena in present times that reshape the world is the worldwide accessibility to the internet. The internet has enabled digital social media to become extremely popular in recent years. Social media refers to user-generated content that is published and shared online. Social media has changed consumer’s lifestyles and behaviours which impacted many business industries. The rapid adoption of social networks in the global population has enabled a new path of advertisement opportunities. The global outreach at lower cost for marketing campaigns creates competitive advantage for many industries which is why social media becomes a lucrative industry.

Key trends in digital & broadcast media industry

Web-based Content
Personalized Content
Subscription Model
Fierced Competition

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