The design industry on a continued growth path

The design industry includes graphic design, photography, product design, and branding & advertisement design; the latter more specifically concerned with corporate or identity branding, print production, advertising, and web design. Graphic designers often create ads, posters, logos, newsletters, brochures, etc. Nowadays, design is often more digital-based.

Companies of all sizes and sectors are looking to invest in good design unlike ever before. Good design can make or break a company nowadays. As we have shifted into primarily digital spaces, visual user-centered experiences are crucial to set one apart from the rest. The design industry is valued at $186 billion and set to continue growing. With forecasts indicating tech spending to increase 6.5% in the design sector in 2022, existing industry trends will continue to grow.

Sector trends

Design is especially crucial to AI and digital user interfaces to create the desired user experiences and outcomes in an increasingly digitized world. With the advent of more digital applications of design, we will see that digitized and automated design cycles have become the norm following digital transformation. Design tasks have and will continue to be streamlined through technological means, which allow for instant reproduction of design and eliminate certain manual processes. With the number of designers also increasing, the market may become saturated but this creates further demand for good design, as it is distinguishingly important today.

Key trends in design industry

Metaverse & animated design
Interactive & 360-degrees Data Visualisations
Let's go Dark Mode
Exclusive Illustrations

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