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Challenges ahead in meeting global food supply demand and environmental concerns

The agriculture and forestry industry is the science, management, and practice of cultivating the soil, crops, and vegetation in forests. Both agriculture and the machinery industry in the sector will see growth due to the global use of farm machinery, contributing to the modernization and industrialization of the agricultural sector. The industry generates over 1 trillion euros annually just in Europe alone.

The global agricultural industry is crucial to addressing the world’s food demand through the value chain, especially as the global population continues to grow. The concerns for ecological and environmental impact have driven disruptive technologies which force agribusiness leaders to create sustainable innovations. Additionally, rising demands and limited land available for agriculture drive the trend to improve yields and productivity of existing crops. Some important components of the agricultural industry include fertilizers, biofuel and biomass, equipment, and machinery.

Forestry is the management, conservation, and restoration of forests and woodlands for human and environmental benefits. Forestry ranges from the timber supply, logging, fuelwood, wildlife habitat, erosion control, and many more applications. Most commercial use of forests requires the FSC (Forest Management Standard) to provide an assurance to customers and stakeholders of the quality of forest management. 

Cash Crops

Cash crops are agricultural crops that are grown to sell for a profit on the market. Cash crops are sold directly for cash and can be divided into food and non-food commodities. Typically, they are purchased by third parties separate from farms and agricultural production. The prices for major crops are set in the commodity market. Some examples are coffee, cocoa, tea, sugarcane, cotton, and spices.

Food Crops

Food crops yield plants particularly cultivated for human and livestock consumption. The term food crop usually implies the domestic production of basic staples.  Food crops are integral to improving food security, mostly in developing countries. Some of the examples of food crops are legumes, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, wheat, and rice. 


Horticulture is the cultivation of plants including development, sustainable production, plant conservation, soil management, landscape recovery, and arboriculture. Horticulture can also be utilized to contribute to quality of life, sustainability, beauty, and restoration. Crops for horticulture range from perennial species, fruits, vegetables, decorative indoor ornamental plants, flowers, and landscape plants and trees. 

Key trends in agriculture crops & forestry industry

Food Security
Digital Technology
Greenhouse & Vertical Farming
Ecological and Environmental Concern
Food Supply Chain during Pandemic
Climate Change
Global Competition

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