22 Apr 2022

[Podcast] How to disrupt an industry with new models and technology that nobody has

Reinier Huisman, CEO & co-founder of Expertwired, shared his entrepreneur journey of disrupting the expert network industry and making expert knowledge sharing more accessible to the world. Reinier was invited for the podcast and interviewed by Eugen B. Ross, Managing Director of Russmedia Equity Partners.

In the podcast, Reinier talks about how he initiated the business idea of developing a tech-based expert knowledge marketplace. He addressed the uniqueness of Expertwired’s advanced custom sourcing technology and how the "new game" business model benefits both the clients and the experts. He also explains how the “old game” business model of incumbent expert networks still heavily relies on manual expert sourcing and little use of technology.

Reinier ends the podcast by sharing his learnings for starting tech-entrepreneurs on how to pivot successfully in business.

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