Yuli F.

Professional experienced in Footwear Contract Manufacturing, specializing in sales

Indonesian, English, Chinese

I have been working as a marketing manager for 10 years and spending my time almost 15 years in manufacturing. I enjoy the high workload which made my time move so fast. I love to share my knowledge a...see more

  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Metal Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Sales


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Sales/Purchasing Adviser

2 years
Current position
Jun 2021 - Present
Confidential is a marketing agency based in Silicon Valley, California.

Sales & Marketing Manager

4 months
Feb 2021 - Jun 2021
Arai Rubber Seal Indonesia, PT is headquartered in Indonesia. The company's line of business includes the manufacturing of gaskets, packing, and sealing devices

Sales and Marketing Manager

PT. ARS Indonesia
1 year
Jan 2020 - Feb 2021
PT. ARS INDONESIA manufactures Oil Level Gauges and Joint Carburetors, their products are widely used in a wide spectrum, including two and four wheelers, as well as seals, general ind...see more

Sales Marketing Manager

PT. Liebra Permana
6 months
Jun 2019 - Dec 2019
Started as a small home industry in 1977, PT. Liebra Permana which was later established in 1990 grew to become a world class intimate apparel manufacturer with two accredited productio...see more

Marketing Manager

PT. Handal Sukses Karya
4 years
Jul 2015 - May 2019
PT. Handal Sukses Karya (PT. HSK) is manufacturing IMEVA, CMEVA, CMP, and compound pelletizing. I am in charge as marketing and planning team to communicate with customer related orde...see more

Marketing Manager - Order Management

PT. Panarub Industry
4 years
Jan 2011 - Apr 2015
RESPONSIBILITIES : * Customer orders are delivered as per requested. * Make sure Forecast/Order quantity sufficient to utilize manufacturing capacity. * Make sure alignment between b...see more

Export Marketing (Senior Staff)

PT. Asiaplast Industries Tbk.
1 year
Feb 2009 - Apr 2010
* Response and follow up inquiry from company website. * Analyze overseas market. * Correspondence with customer. * Handling export document. * Involved in management training. * F...see more

Mandarin Translator

PT. Indosafety Sentosa Industry
11 months
Feb 2008 - Jan 2009
*work as Personal Assistant of Manager. *Reminder and Follow up minutes of weekly meeting. *Translate document Mandarin into Indonesian or English and conversely. *I do follow up, au...see more

Public Relations (Senior Staff)

PT. Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk.
3 years
Jun 2005 - Jan 2008
* Organized Company's Bulletin every months, * Organized community relations and community development program, * Handling expatriates living document, * Monitoring Key Performance I...see more

Industries, roles and expertise

Industry experience

  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Metal Manufacturing

Role experience

  • Marketing
  • Sales


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Management
  • Footwear