William A.

Executive with 28+ years experience specializing in HVAC system in Energy & Hospitality Design

United States of America

As a National Award-winning Architect, I am focused on green, energy-conscious design, elegant solutions, and developing iconic designs for my clients. With my partners, created the largest hospitalit...see more

  • Energy & Utilities
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • C-Level & Leadership


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Chairman, CEO

Govan Azzalino Design Development & Technology, LLC
4 years
Current position
Jun 2019 - Present
Focused on bringing new green HVAC technology, CrystallineAir™, to the market that can reduce energy up to 73% and address viruses such as covid-19, caputre and terminate them in the HV...see more

Chief Executive Officer

SunIQ Global Corporation
5 years
Current position
Jan 2018 - Present
This story began when I broke my collar bone and four ribs in an Ironman™ bike training accident and experienced the benefits of CBD. I began to learn about the broad benefits which can...see more

Chief Executive Officer

Falconridge Oil Canada
11 years
Current position
Mar 2012 - Present
Responsible for negotiating and closing a major green technology multi-year contract with a value of over $2 Billion for the Company. We are bringing environmentally responsible techno...see more

Executive Director/Managing Director, Architecture and Interior Design

HFS Concepts 4
3 years
Jan 2006 - Jan 2009
Created the largest, award winning, hospitality design firm in the world with 6 partners and revenues over $150 million; 125 team members in the U S and opened, staffed and was Managin...see more


Concepts 4, Inc.
2 years
Jan 2004 - Jan 2006
Managed professional staff, budgets, customer relationships, new business development, consultants and contract negotiations.. With partners grew firm to 5th largest hospitality firm i...see more

Chief Executive Officer

Balboa Pacific Corporation
21 years
Current position
Jun 2002 - Present
Obtained global funding commitments for $20 Billion, for this Green, Waste-to-Energy pyrolysis technology, six sigma clean (99.99997%) used to process waste streams to produce electrici...see more

Executive Director

Concepts 4, inc
5 years
Jan 1999 - Jan 2004
Managed professional staff, negotiated contracts, managed consultants and negotiated contracts, managed construction, project delivery and team performances, budgets and P&L. With part...see more


Microkinetics Technology
3 years
May 1994 - May 1997
Developer of TWO-II Missile launch calibration system, industrial robots and high-precision calibration and evaluation technologies.

Chief Executive Officer

Govan Azzalino Architect/Willliam Azzalino Architect LLC
43 years
Current position
Sep 1979 - Present
National award winning architectural and interior design firm focused on environmentally responsible design. Winner of Environmental design award. A broad ranging firm with focuses i...see more

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  • Energy & Utilities
  • Construction & Infrastructure

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  • C-Level & Leadership


  • Strategic Planning
  • Management
  • New Business Development
  • Business Development
  • Green Building
  • Business Planning