Vasile T.

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Hello, my name is Vasile and I am a Hardware Engineering Manager. I have proven success in using my multiple areas of expertise around the chip-design. I continually explore new ideas and technologies...see more

  • Electrical Equipments & Components
  • Information Technology, Data & Telecom


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Principal Engineer & Engineering Manager: EDGE-AI, Heterogenous Computing

Intel Corporation
2 years
Current position
Mar 2021 - Present
I lead the hardware architecture and design of the Computer Vision Subsystem, a key element of the Edge.AI through VPU technology. The VPU targets machine vision and general deep learni...see more

HW Engineering Manager | Heterogenous Computing Accelerators | EDGE AI | Product Security Expert

Intel Corporation
4 years
Nov 2016 - Mar 2021
I am currently associated with Intel Corporation as a HW Engineering Manager, Edge AI & CV Acceleration, and Product Security Expert. I define priorities for the team, drive results ac...see more

Lead HW Design Engineer

4 years
Apr 2013 - Nov 2016
As a Lead HW Design Engineer at Movidius in 2013, I prepared and maintained documents throughout the design and development process. I made an impact into the entire life-cycle of an IC...see more

Consultant - Digital Design

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH
5 months
Dec 2012 - May 2013
I was selected by Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH in 2012 as a Consultant of Digital Design. I provided exceptional consultancy services related to the design, development, and testing ...see more

Product design engineer

Infineon AG
1 year
Aug 2011 - Dec 2012
I joined Infineon AG in 2011 as a Product Design Engineer for chip-cards and security division. Here I managed all aspects of top-level integration of digital modules, and mixed/analog...see more

Design engineer

5 years
Jan 2007 - Aug 2011
I was the Design Engineer of Movidia in 2007, and I was handling logic implementation of complex design blocks. I developed cluster-level directed/random tests and environments. I engag...see more

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  • Electrical Equipments & Components
  • Information Technology, Data & Telecom


  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Vision
  • Hardware Architecture
  • Digital Design
  • Product Development
  • Computer Engineering