Sacha B.

Engineering Professional with 30+ years experience in Low Latency Streaming Solutions

United Kingdom

I am a passionate software developer who has a range of experience, from front office banking systems to real time control software. I am interested in a wide range of technologies, including desktop ...see more

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Technical Lead

3 years
Current position
Jan 2020 - Present
I work for the global analytics team, which is about 20 engineers The role is a front office role where we have no BAs or PMs, we liase with the business directly, where we allow broke...see more

Software Architect

XBTO Group
1 year
Aug 2018 - Nov 2019
Joined a team to help build a world class trading system for crypto currencies, which talks to all the different crypto exchanges. The work is fairly varied, and involves some fairly ...see more

Senior Software Engineer

Nephila Advisors LLC
3 years
Jul 2015 - Jul 2018
I was part of a team brought in to work on updating the tools used by portfolio managers within the firm. This required us to work with various technologies including Akka/MicroServic...see more

Software Contractor

TTT Moneycorp
2 years
Jul 2013 - Jun 2015
Re-employed to build an Fx options dealing platform using Wpf/wcf/Prism/Nhibernate and NServiceBus Created a distributed MicroService architecture kind of before Micro Services were a ...see more

Software Contractor

BNP Paribas
5 months
Feb 2013 - Jul 2013
Part of a team that was building a single dealer FX trading platform which was built using Rx/silverlight/Wcf and a custom nirvana messaging layer

Software Contractor

TTT Moneycorp (contract)
5 years
Jul 2008 - Feb 2013
Building a complete front office / back office FX dealing platform for a user base of around 800 users. The system was built using Wpf/Wcf and SQL Server and custom messaging layer bas...see more

Senior software engineer

AIRCOM International
4 months
Mar 2008 - Jul 2008
I was hired as as an early adopter of Wpf guru to help Aircom build their next generation mobile network configuration tool. At Aircom we also used made heavy use of wcf to provide the...see more

Software Developer

Cell Telecom
1 year
Apr 2007 - Apr 2008
Was employed to write web sites which would communicate with hand held device(s) and SQL server. These web sites were written in C# ASP .NET/Ajax/JavaScript/CSS and had a SQL server bac...see more

Control System Engineer

Cougar Automation Ltd
6 years
Jan 2001 - Apr 2007
Was employed to write automation software for various applications, such as water/paper mills and pharmaceuticals/baggage handling. This was done using a mixture of VB/C#/ WinForms and ...see more

Control System Engineer

MCS Industrial Software Ltd
1 year
Jan 2000 - Jan 2001
Was employed to write automation software for various applications, such as water/paper mills and pharmaceuticals. This was done using a mixture of VBA and SQL and also a proprietary sc...see more

Control System Engineer

8 years
Jan 1992 - Jan 2000
Was employed to write automation software for various applications, such as chemical refineries/steel works etc etc. This was done using a mixture of a proprietary language similar to a...see more

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  • Information Technology, Data & Telecom

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  • Information Technology
  • Engineering


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