Oliver W.

Experience in full stack development & software architecture in IT


I help exited founders find new paths that respect their skills and values. Techie, creator, and helper. Here for good people.

  • Information Technology, Data & Telecom
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Distribution
  • Professional Services
  • Consulting
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Founder In Residence

Entrepreneur First
9 months
Current position
Mar 2022 - Present
Entrepreneur First is the best place in the world to meet your co-founder. Through our platform running in 6 cities across 3 continents, we invest in high-potential individuals to help...see more

Software Solutions Architect

McKinsey & Company
10 months
Feb 2021 - Dec 2021
@Game-Based Innovation Lab Building multiplayer games to take in-person training online in a time when 'connecting with colleagues' has a different meaning. Full-Stack Typescript, Web S...see more

Full Stack Software Consultant

< 1 year
Jan 2020 - Jan 2020
Rethinking standardized tests for recruiting with immersive, simulation-based games that test higher-order skills like problem solving and creativity. Full-Stack Typescript, VueJS, Deve...see more

Full Stack Software Consultant

< 1 year
Jan 2020 - Jan 2020
Helping America's elderly easily access personalized social security and retirement advice with short questionnaires. VueJS, Laravel PHP, Web Scraping, Single Page Application, Responsi...see more

Software Solutions Architect

3 years
Apr 2019 - Apr 2022
Top 3% of freelance software consultants. Full-Stack Javascript ES6+ (VueJS), Typescript, PHP 7+ (Laravel)

Front End Web Architect

Tactio Health Group
5 months
Nov 2018 - Apr 2019
Delivering superior health outcomes online with a user-friendly web app for doctors & nurses. VueJS, Typescript, Full-Stack Javascript (ES6+), Single-Page App, Docker

Full-Stack Web Developer / Initiative Owner

Momentum Travel Group
1 year
Oct 2016 - Jan 2018
Search optimization, error reduction, and revenue calculation at scale, for travel. PHP, VueJS, Javascript (ES6+), Single-Page App, MySQL at High Volume, SiSense Business Intelligence

Principal, Software Developer Consultant

Codename Labs
8 years
Jan 2014 - Apr 2022
Delivering cost & time efficiencies with bespoke internal tools for SMB clients. React, VueJS, NodeJS, Flutter, PHP 7, Laravel, Full-Stack Javascript (ES6+), Typescript, Single-Page App...see more

Industries, roles and expertise

Industry experience

  • Information Technology, Data & Telecom
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Distribution
  • Professional Services

Role experience

  • Consulting
  • Information Technology