Mauricio M.

Education | Environmental Sustainability | Corporate Social Responsibility

Costa Rica
Spanish; Castilian, English

Experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization and private industry. Skilled in ESG Management and Compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Climate ...see more

  • Agricultural Crops & Forestry
  • Education & Edtech


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Sustainability Manager

The Coffee Source LLC
2 years
Nov 2019 - Dec 2021
Responsible for the management of sustainability projects in Latin America coffee producing countries. Responsible for traceability and certification compliance. Managed budget for proj...see more

General Manager

Biodiversity Partnership Mesoamerica BPM
2 years
Apr 2017 - Dec 2018
The Biodiversity Partnership Mesoamerica (BPM) is a recognized multisectoral association that aims to conserve the biological wealth of Mesoamerica, supporting the private sector in the...see more

ESG advisor

ECOM Trading
3 years
Feb 2017 - Jan 2020
Advisor in the implementation of the Social and Environmental Strategy of ECOM Trading Global, leading company in commodities market (coffee, cocoa, cotton) with ope...see more


Universidad de Costa Rica UCR
8 years
Current position
Feb 2015 - Present
The University of Costa Rica is a public university in the Republic of Costa Rica, in Central America. Its main campus, Ciudad Universitaria Rodrigo Facio, is located in San Pedro Monte...see more

Advisor Environment and Social Responsibility

Cámara de Industrias de Costa Rica
2 years
Oct 2014 - Dec 2016
Main responsibilities: advisory to industry members on sustainability issues. Liaison with government institutions and representation of private sector in different forums related to en...see more

Environmental Programs Director

2 years
Aug 2012 - Sep 2014
Coordination of Monitoring, Report and Verification (MRV) of Carbon Footprint projects in the industrial and tourism sectors, in partnership with German Cooperation Agency GIZ and the M...see more

Recycling Division Manager
2 years
Oct 2010 - Aug 2012
Industrial and commercial waste management services (recyclables, e-waste, fluorescent lamps, solvents, hazardous wastes, others).


Rainforest Alliance
6 years
Jan 2004 - Jan 2010
Sustainable Agriculture auditor / consultant: Certified auditor for sustainable agriculture certification standards. Field Activity Coordinator (2004-2005). Conservation of Biodiversit...see more

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  • Agricultural Crops & Forestry
  • Education & Edtech


  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Compliance Management
  • Brand Sustainability
  • ESG