Jennifer D.

Certified Nutritional Therapist and food & spirit practitioner

United States of America

Jennifer Doctorovich, NTP is a certified nutritional therapist who uses functional medicine, supplementation, and an integrative background with her clients. Jennifer is also a certified Food and Spi...see more

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Mental Health Practitioner

Holhealth Harmony
6 years
Current position
Sep 2016 - Present
strategies on nutrition, core beliefs, psychology, and personality development. specifically geared to performing artists and entertainers suffering from anxiety, fatigue, and burnout

Ambassador and Educator on Enzyme Therapy

Transformation Enzymes
8 years
Current position
Oct 2014 - Present
I work as an ambassador educating various practitioners on the uses of enzyme therapy. This includes protocols and product use.

Practice Advisor and New Business

Transformation Enzyme Corporation
9 years
Current position
Jan 2014 - Present
Transformation Enzyme Corporation emerged and has grown from the principles of a clinical practice. Because of our clinical history, we understand the challenges you face. With an overw...see more

Nutritional Therapist, NTP and Wellness Consultant

Houston Spinal Care
5 months
Jun 2013 - Jan 2013
Nutrition Assessments, Functional Blood Chemistry, Food Sensitivity Testing, Spectracell, Supplements

Nutritional Therapist, NTP and Wellness Consultant

Houston Spinal Care
1 year
Jan 2013 - Apr 2014
Supplementation, Functional Medicine, Nutrient Deficiency Testing, Allergy and Food Testing, Wellness Home, Nutrition Education

Nutritional Therapist

River Oaks Chiropractic and Bodyworks
1 year
Jul 2012 - Jul 2013
Chiropractic, Wellness, Nutrition, acupunture

Associate Representative and Education Development

Biotics Research Inc,
4 months
Jun 2012 - Oct 2012
Wellness and Nutritional Marketing and Education to Professionals in the Health and Wellness industry

Associate Representative for Standard Process in Central Texas

HolHealth Therapy
4 months
Jan 2012 - May 2012
I handle accounts in Houston and El Paso. I am a sales representative, educator (ACN and NTP), presenter and nutritional consultant.

Cycling and Slow Burn Instructor

River Oaks Country Club
11 years
Current position
Oct 2011 - Present
I teach cycling, slow burn and Piyolet

Cycling and Pilates Instructor, Slow Burn; General Manager

Health Club at Travis Place
15 years
Current position
Feb 2008 - Present
Group Fitness and General Manager

Group Fitness Instructor

7 years
Apr 2007 - Mar 2014
Classes: Spinning, Slow Burn, Core Training, Pilates, Bootcamp/Bosu and Weights

Cycling Instructor

FIT Athletic Club
16 years
Current position
Aug 2006 - Present
I am a cycling and bootcamp instructor.

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