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I have over 20 years of experience building large-scale software-as-a-service products at the forefront of software entertainment, both through direct development and by leading both small and large t...see more

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Principal Software Engineer, Architectural Services

Unity Technologies
11 months
Current position
Aug 2021 - Present
Jumped at the chance to join the newly-forming Architectural Services group to work with the many amazing groups here at Unity and to chart the future of our engine and services.

Senior Manager, Engineering

Unity Technologies
2 years
Current position
Aug 2020 - Present
Management and technical oversight of unannounced projects.

Engineering Manager, Cloud

Unity Technologies
8 months
Dec 2019 - Aug 2020
Managed 3 teams as part of the Live Content Systems group within the Cloud organization of Unity: 1: Addressables package 2: Cloud Build service 3: Cloud Content Delivery service 4: An ...see more

Technical Director

Bethesda Game Studios
11 months
Jan 2019 - Dec 2019
Led a team of 40+ engineers at Bethesda Game Studios, focused on growing Fallout 76. Responsible for all technical aspects - including game features, Go-based platform services, infras...see more

Lead Gameplay Engineer

Bethesda Game Studios
10 months
Mar 2018 - Jan 2019
(Formerly BattleCry Studios) Studio was renamed in the run-up to the announcement of Fallout 76.

Lead Gameplay Engineer

BattleCry Studios
5 years
Nov 2012 - Mar 2018
Part of the original Fallout 76 development team. Led team responsible for converting Fallout 4’s single-player core game systems (movement, spells, quests, scripting, etc.) to work con...see more

Technical Director, Star Wars: The Old Republic

1 year
Jun 2011 - Nov 2012
Responsible for technical direction of game features, scripting engine use, combat systems, and network replication of game state. Provided deep analysis of risks and development of mit...see more

Associate Technical Director, Star Wars: The Old Republic

9 months
Sep 2010 - Jun 2011
Provided upward-facing feedback to executive leadership with regard to the project's technical risks, including the development and presentation of mitigation plans. Focused on game fea...see more

Senior Gameplay Programmer, Star Wars: The Old Republic

2 years
Aug 2008 - Sep 2010
Worked with the HeroEngine MMO framework to create game systems for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Implemented large sections of combat, animation, and physics systems. Spearheaded an ini...see more

Senior Programmer, Blackstar

Spacetime Studios
2 years
Feb 2006 - Aug 2008
Developed core engine and game systems. Architected and implemented the animation pipeline for the Spacetime Engine - and specifically for 'Blackstar', an unreleased sci-fi MMO-action g...see more

Programmer, Star Wars Galaxies

Sony Online Entertainment
5 years
Feb 2001 - Feb 2006
Authored client and server game systems for the best-selling game 'Star Wars Galaxies' MMORPG. Built tools using Qt. Worked with and development on a Java-based custom scripting languag...see more

Programmer, Ultima Online 2

Electronic Arts (EA)
1 year
Sep 1999 - Feb 2001
Responsible for game feature and tools development in C++ and Python, with a heavy reliance on UML and Rational Rose for code generation. Served as a co-admin for the company-wide sour...see more

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