Wijnand V.

Conveyor belt systems optimization


Wijnand van de Vendel, co-owner of the TBK group, had the chance to grow over the years as a factory worker, welder, mechanic, salesman, representative towards his role as managing director now. TBK ...see more

  • Chemical & Plastic Products
  • Electrical Equipments & Components
  • Machinery & Equipments


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Joint Owner

TBK Group BV
19 years
Current position
Dec 2002 - Present
The TBK Group is a leading group of companies that has been offering innovative solutions since 1956 to companies that operate in the mineral processing, mining, bulk handling and recyc...see more

Sales executive

TBK Group met IFE Bulk Benelux,Spillage Control en Dust Control Partners
2 years
Dec 2000 - Nov 2002
For more than 70 years IFE has been dealing with the construction of machines for bulk material handling. IFE is a manufacturer that offers package solutions in the product fields Conv...see more


aquaco bv and perrot ede
5 years
Dec 1995 - Nov 2000
Started of as a mechanic and later moved on to salesman with the task, designing and selling irrigation systems for the garden, agriculture and industrial market.

Industries, roles and expertise

Industry experience

  • Chemical & Plastic Products
  • Electrical Equipments & Components
  • Machinery & Equipments


  • Bulk Material Handling
  • Belt Cleaning
  • Minimizing pollution
  • Conveyor Belt Optimization
  • Bulk storage