Laurent B.

Spatial Audio Engineering | Game Development | Consumer Electronics | Video Games

United States of America

Professional with 24+ years of experience working in the Audio Engineering industry. Previously worked for Facebook, Sony and EA Sports.

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Head of Audio Engineering

Redpill VR
2 years
Current position
Jan 2020 - Present
Redpill VR is a technology company focused on creating the future of music through our groundbreaking interactive social experiences and content platform that connects us all through th...see more

Spatial Audio Engineer

Oculus VR @ Facebook
3 years
Nov 2016 - Nov 2019
Designed and implemented a computationally efficient nearfield binaural synthesis algorithm, by extrapolating a far field HRTF dataset in combination with real-time parametric modeling ...see more

Principal Engineer

Sony Computer Entertainment America
11 years
Oct 2004 - Mar 2016
Architect and dev lead of a modular audio software synthesis framework on Ps3, Ps4, PSVR and PC, used in many 1st party games including: - Dreams - PSVR Rigs - PSVR London Heist - Littl...see more

Audio Programmer

Electronic Arts (EA)
6 years
Jul 1998 - Oct 2004
Designed and coded a cross-platform audio engine and content pipeline for PS2, XBOX, GC and PC that was used in many games including: - EA Games: Lord of the ring: Return of the king - ...see more

Freelance musician

Walter Cycloz
8 years
Jan 1990 - Jan 1998
Freelance electronic musician and producer.

Physics teacher

Academie de Paris
9 years
Jan 1989 - Jan 1998
Substitute part-time teacher, maths and physics for high-school and college students.

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Industry experience

  • Information Technology Data & Telecom


  • Audio Engineering
  • Game Development
  • Gameplay Programming
  • Game Programming