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Life is to expand horizontally and vertically and yet will stay still and safe on the boat in the wavy sea. Persistency is just the key word to every aspect of life. There is nothing more than to kee...see more

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W.H. Furniture Co., Ltd
15 years
Current position
Jan 2007 - Present
How to attract the eyeballs from crowds of people in a place? And spread out the most refresh and surprise feeling to the others? Although your products and their own images or styles a...see more


W.H. Furniture Co., Ltd
10 years
Jan 2007 - Jan 2017
A specialist provider of furniture, fittings and equipment. We offer a wide range of services from complete design and fit-out to supply or install product and maintenance to Hospitali...see more

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  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Consumer Services
  • Digital & Broadcast Media


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