Guillermo A.

Development Specialist | Energy Industry

Spanish; Castilian, Spanish; Castilian

Industrial Engineer with more than 20 years in the printing industry on paper and cardboard, automotive, software, marketing, sales to government and energy. I manage and develop projects from their ...see more

  • Energy & Utilities
  • Oil & Gas


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Development Specialist

Independent Professional
2 years
Current position
Jun 2020 - Present
Freelance work.

Business Developer

ENGIE México
6 years
Current position
Feb 2017 - Present
Development, evaluation and coordination of liquefied and compressed natural gas projects for industrial, vehicular, distribution and cogeneration use.

Product Developer

3 years
Feb 2017 - Jun 2020
Development of new products and projects, according to the needs of our clients in terms of CNG, NGV and other energies.

Project Manager

Energía Natural Peninsular SAPI de CV
1 year
Aug 2015 - Aug 2016
I coordinated the complete project of a natural gas compression plant for industrial use (CNG) and Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) from its conception, automation, pipeline, regulation a...see more

Technical Coordinator

Neomexicana de GNC
3 months
Jun 2012 - Sep 2012
I carried out the technical coordination in the construction and start-up of a natural gas compression plant for industrial use, as well as the construction and start-up of the decompre...see more

Operations Coordinator

Combustibles Ecológicos Mexicanos
4 years
Feb 2008 - May 2012
Coordinate for 4 years the operations department for compressed natural gas service stations; Generating and applying improvements in the programming of the Plc's; Updating predictive a...see more

Product Manager

Softland México
1 year
May 2006 - Jun 2007
Increase sales by 800% year-year in the ERP and CRM division and implement the production module successfully.

General Manager

19 years
Current position
Feb 2004 - Present
Consulting in energy and project development. Supply provider in federal and private agencies.

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Industry experience

  • Energy & Utilities
  • Oil & Gas


  • Business Development
  • Planning
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Business Decision Making
  • Product Development