Expert Admissibility

All Experts and Clients must agree to compliance rules:

Expertwired has implemented conservative rules to which every Expert and Client must agree electronically before every consultation may take place. These rules are designed to provide our Experts with clear boundaries and guidance on what they can and cannot share in consultations and they directly address sensitive subjects such as government officials, clinical trials, employers and competitors. For greater detail, you may review, our expert terms & conditions or client terms & conditions

Employer Opt-Out:

Expertwired will not accept as Experts the employees of a company, or its subsidiaries, that Expertwired believes bars its employees from participating in the marketplace. To support this policy, when Expertwired learns of any such prohibition, it records the company in the Expertwired Compliance Database Registry (‘ECDR’). The ECDR list is nested into Expertwired’s technology platform to ensure Experts identified in our database as employees of companies on the list are not permitted to participate in consultations.

Compliance restrictions in Client Search Requests:

Expertwired uses electronic search request forms and settings for Clients to easily insert compliance restricted companies and companies’ affiliates. This helps Expertwired to apply the necessary compliance restrictions. We also ensure all Clients have direct access to our support staff to indicate any additional compliance restrictions in consultation searches such as employees of companies that should not be contacted under existing client-side non-disclosure agreements.

Compliance rules summary

We value your time so we've made a summary of the key compliance rules for your easy reference.