Consultation Compliance

Platform-driven screening:

Following a Client’s search (request) on our platform, our technology sets adequate filters and rulings to determine which experts, and information sought, comply with Expertwired’s rules. Expertwired employees may request additional information from clients as needed.

Client-side screening:

A Client will be presented with best-matching experts available on our platform for consultation, for client-side review and selection. Clients are provided with information with regards to the Expert professional profile and employment history as provided to Expertwired by the Expert. Assuming detailed client-side internal review of the Expert profiles, and only after client approval of experts the knowledge sharing consultations are set-up.

Compliance Confirmation before consultation:

Both Experts and Clients must confirm in advance of each consultation that they will conduct (that) consultation(s) in conformity with Expertwired’s Terms and Conditions. Expertwired keeps a record of these confirmations.

Automation of Our Compliance Controls:

Our proprietary technology platform will not permit Clients nor Experts to move to the next step in the consultation workflow until all necessary compliance approvals have been received.

Incentives to abide:

Our Experts are obligated to terminate any consultation in which they believe they are being solicited to violate our compliance rules. If they terminate early for this reason, we still pay them in full for the scheduled consultation.

Compliance rules summary

We value your time so we've made a summary of the key compliance rules for your easy reference.