Knowledge sharing is based on trust

Therefore we have developed a compliance framework that will give you peace of mind. It is based on technology-supported rulings which ensures:

No human errors
No misinterpretations
No non-compliant behaviour

Expert Admissibility

All experts and clients on Expertwired must agree to our compliance rules before every consultation. We have set clear boundaries and provide guidance on what knowledge is allowed to share.

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Consultation Compliance

Technology-enabled rulings ensure all necessary compliance approvals are provided. Also, we defined a set of rules that create incentives to abide by our compliance during consultations.

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Record keeping & Review

We perform systematic review and follow-up on alerts indicating possible non-compliance. We have made substantial investment in a proprietary platform enabling review at all stages.

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Compliance rules summary

We value your time so we've made a summary of the key compliance rules for your easy reference.