Expertwired vs. Guidepoint

We embarked on a mission to disrupt the status quo. Founded on the belief that expert knowledge should be accessible to all driven by transparent market dynamics and enabled by technology.

Traditional database driven sourcing

The expert network industry is largely a database-driven environment. Expert networks such as GLG, Thirdbridge, Guidepoint and Atheneum have taken many years to build databases of member experts to present to clients. Part of the network consists of "dormant" experts largely inactive, and some extremely active experts taking many calls per month.

Our technology driven sourcing model

Expertwired’s technology takes on a "radar-inspired" approach to deliver experts to clients. We are able to pin-point the best experts and deliver them to help you with relevant & real-time market experience. Yes, we have thousands of member experts, but we don't rely on them to deliver. Response time of actively sourced and vetted experts is just as fast! With our automated vetting procedures and matching algorithm we guarantee you get the best experts. Always.

Transparent and affordable

We don’t make a secret of how much our experts get, what the client pays or the costs of using the Expertwired platform.


Our experts earn more, our clients pay less

When you book a call with an expert via traditional expert networks like GLG, Guidepoint, Thirdbridge or Alphasights, you are basically paying for their massive overheads and clunkiness. When you pay them at least €1,000 per hour, the expert only sees a small part of that.

Our marketplace dynamics always deliver the right experts for the best price. We don’t have these excessive costs of office buildings and staff who need to manually connect pieces of the puzzle together. Our AI-driven search technology works smarter and faster. Our happy experts decide their own price (current average €400 per hour) and the client only pays a 20% platform fee on top of this.

Pay per use, no subscription needed

Networks like GLG, Guidepoint, Alphasights and Thirdbridge typically require you to commit to 1 or 2 year contractually agreed interview volumes or credits purchased in bulk. With Expertwired, you only pay for what you use. No mandatory subscriptions, no commitments. You just pay for your one hour expert consultation. Need more time? No problem. After the first hour your call is charged per minute.

How Expertwired compares

Our disruptive approach sets us apart from the traditional networks.

Average cost per expert interview
€ 1,250
€ 900
€ 1,100
€ 1,100
€ 1,250
€ 480
Pre-vetted, high quality experts
Delivery time < 24hours
Rigid compliance framework
Full expert profile visibility
Transparent pricing model
Pay-per-use, no subscription necessary
Get started directly
Direct client-expert messaging

About Expertwired

We are disrupting a global market of traditional operating expert networks with our AI-technology driven and transparent marketplace to make sure you get better matching experts for a much lower price.

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