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How does Expertwired work?


Create a search request and we provide you the best matching pre-vetted experts. You want more experts or narrow down your search further? No problem.


View expert profiles and their hourly rate. Select the experts of your liking and a timeslot that suits you.


Interview experts (via video or audio call) and pick their brain to support your decision making. Our compliance framework protects compliance and your confidentiality.


Payments are only due after the call based on the actual duration. Would you like the written transcript? We have it for you.

Thousands of industry experts at your fingertips

Industry experts available for you to pick their brains when you need it. You want more? We get them - within days.

The perfect match.

Our AI-driven search technology and vetting automation has proven to deliver the best matching & high quality experts to support you in your decision making.

Rigid compliance framework.

Expertwired is build on trust. Our compliance & privacy framework is designed to ensure safe knowledge sharing

Always the best rate.

Our marketplace dynamics always deliver the right experts for the best price. However, if you need support we are always here to help. Coffee included.

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Industry experts at your fingertips

High quality experts selected and vetted by technology. The best price in the industry and fully compliant.